Why I said no to the Doritos (even though they were named after me)

So, here I am.
I mean, there I was.
Sitting on the couch last Thursday night.
I had just finished watching an episode of the Crown, and I was looking up information about the IRA.
(Other episodes had me learning Welsh, tracing my family heritage, and discovering more about antique chandeliers. I love find out new things! When I was watching Married At First Sight Australia I became an expert on Acrylic Nail Art and hair extensions. #nevernotlearning)

Back to the couch.
It was 11 pm.
And there I saw it.
The bag.
The bag of Doritos.
Cool American flavor.
(In America, this is called ‘Cool Ranch’ flavor, but I like the European name so much more, because I told my kids that Cool American Doritos were named after their mom. I also told them if they behaved, one day they would also get a bag of chips named after them. They believed this for 3 magical years.)

I loved these chips, so I grabbed the bag.
And then I said something to myself that stopped me in my tracks.
‘Will Future Buffi be really happy about this?”

And I put the bag back.
Future Buffi has very high standards.
She loves it when I take care of myself.
She knows that the better I sleep, the better I feel.
And eating a bag of chips just before bed would not help me sleep well.
And not sleeping well means that I would have to work harder early the next morning to be super energetic and optimistic, something my clients have come to expect from me in our sessions.

So….no Doritos.
And a very good night’s sleep.
And a fabulous, happy start early the next morning, to walk 8 km and then coach an amazing group of people as part of my Corporate Business English program.

I think about Future Buffi a lot.
I love her so much. She’s always looking out for me.
She also knows when I just need a glass of wine in my pyjamas at 7 pm and a hug.
But this was not one of those times.
I was a Cool American, but also wanted to be a Happy American.

The minute I put the bag back I felt a sigh of relief.
My Big Sister (Future Buffi) was looking out for me, and I’m glad I listened.
Waking up feeling crappy after a bad night’s sleep was the LAST thing I needed.

Do you have a Future You?
Is there something you can do today that will make you smile tomorrow?
Is there something or someone you should say NO to today that will make you sigh with relief?

Think about it.
I hope you make a decision today that will make you smile in the morning.

Thanks for reading!
Love from my twin and I. WHO IS WHO?!??

PS: If (finally!) transforming your English communication with a huge confidence and skill upgrade is something that would make you smile (and breathe a sigh of relief) I have just 2 spots left for my 8-week English coaching program, Great in 8. Do let me know if you’re interested!

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