Why you need to do better.

Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to a magical start.
Mine is! Lots of cool stuff in the planning this week, from a TV show to a new course….of course I can’t talk about either yet but will keep you posted as soon as I can!

So….let’s talk about why you’re boring people.
You’re boring people, without even realising it.

If you’re using words like ‘good’, ‘nice’, and ‘big’, these are pretty bland and SO overused that they’ve lost so much of their descriptive power.
These days, you are far from the only voice out there. People are watching TV, with their phone in their hand, and their laptop on their lap. You’ve got 3, and sometimes even 4 screens, all fighting for your attention.

So…please don’t bore us.
It’s hard to get people’s attention, and it’s even harder to KEEP their attention.
It’s one of the most precious commodities that someone can share with you.

So how about this?
Grab your phone and download the thesaurus.com free app. Or jump on the website.
Put in a word you’re using way too much. Then look for some snazzy alternatives.

Can you hear a difference?

1. ‘It was too expensive.’
2. ‘It wasn’t cost effective.’

1. ‘Prices increased last year.’
2. ‘Prices unexpectedly surged last year.’

1. ‘She was happy she won the prize.’
2. ‘She was absolutely elated she won the prize.’

1. ‘I agree.’
2. ‘I’m totally with you on that one!’

Of course, there might be moments where the first one is more appropriate.
However, you need to step up your vocabulary game if you want to keep those eyes and ears on your story!

My new favorite expression is this one. I made it up while I was designing my new course.

‘Change your words, change your world.’

The more expansive your Word Wardrobe is, the more you can express how you are really experiencing your world.
It really is worth that extra effort.

Just a little tip this week to get those vocabulary gears up to speed!

Have a fantastically fabulous week!
X buffi

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