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✅ How to use the present and past tenses like a native speaker does

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This is what others say about my coaching method:

“Buffi helped me to achieve a good level in business English. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity are so inspiring. She also had a very good understanding about my business, not only including my work as an artist for radio and television, but also as a moderator for international corporate events. Buffi is one of a kind and an absolute joy to work with.”
Diana Matroos
Journalist, moderator and host of Buitenhof and BNR Nieuwsradio
“I needed to be confident to speak in front of large groups. This was easily achieved with such a wonderful coach. I also asked Buffi to host our Celebrate the Changemakers event. I was so impressed that she introduced every speaker with a poem she wrote just for them – her enthusiasm was contagious. I am so grateful to you, Buffi!”
Merijn Everaarts
Founder and Owner Dopper