5 (ok, 7) ways to make your English ROCK!

You want to improve your English.
You’re not happy with the way you’re communicating.
Sometimes you can’t find the words you need, so you talk around them and hope people understand what you mean.
Or, maybe, you keep using the same words over and over again.
You don’t really feel like you in English.
You understand a lot, but don’t dare to speak in a group.
Sometimes you hesitate before pressing the ‘send’ button when you have to write in English.
When the phone rings and you see it’s a foreign call, you take a deep breath before answering.
You don’t always know if you are using the right grammar form.

And…you don’t have a lot of time. You want results, and fast.

I hear this every day,
And every day I work hard (and laugh harder) with my clients to make their communication dreams come true.

Let me give you 5 actionable steps you can take RIGHT NOW to improve your English. They are all free, fast, and easy.

1. Download my free Telefoon spiekbriefje (scroll down) to feel more confident when making or receiving calls. You can also download my free Pronunciation Masterclass there as well.

2. If you don’t know what a word in English means, use the Dictionary.com free app or website. You can create your own (free) account and you can ‘star’ all the words you need to know. This way, you have your own mini-dictionary in your phone or on your laptop/tablet, and you never need to translate, as it’s all in English.

3. Do the same with Thesaurus.com to increase your vocabulary. Instead of using good, how about some other alternatives like ‘valuable’, ‘marvellous’, or ‘satisfying’? You can also star words and make your own word list for free!

4. My YouTube Channel has tons of mini-lessons on grammar and vocabulary, some of them featuring Tim Knol, Anneke van Giersbergen, and others! Check it out and laugh and learn! (There’s even a lesson with my dad in a rainbow wig.)

5. Try one of the free courses via the BBC. I’m a big fan of Words in the News and 6 Minute English. Believe me, you have 6 minutes a day to improve your English! You do!

And as an extra bonus tip, this one is not free but it will be a gamechanger for you – grab a ticket to my Rock Your Business English Weekend on 29 and 30 September. I will show you how much you can learn in one (or two!) days. Everything from the 10 degrees of formality in English (yup, we have 10!), clearing up the grammar pitfalls, the 5 things you need to know when giving a talk in English, negotiation dealmakers and deal breakers, pronunciation tips and tricks, writing like a pro, and so. Much. More! Space is limited, so grab your ticket today!

I hope this helps you take the first (wait, reading this far is already the first step – now you’re ready for the second) step in making your English rock!

Tip 7: You can always hit ‘reply’ and write me, I will always write you back!

Stay awesome, my dear, and stay ACTIVE!!
Use it or lose it!

With love and a big ‘you rock’ high five!

X buffi

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