This is how I deal with challenging times….

I’m not going to lie to you. These are unprecedented times.It’s hard to stay calm. The news shifts every hour. And it’s getting harder for many to find good news.The Netherlands is basically on lockdown until April 6th.This is how I deal with times of uncertainty. I get creative. I do research. I breathe. And […]

Simon could not come to me. So I went to him. This is our story…..

This is my story about Simon. Simon has given me permission to share this with you. (He says hi.) Simon saw me on TV about a year ago and thought ‘Oh, maybe I can learn English with her.’ He looked me up online, found my site, and signed up for my newsletter. Then he started […]

English Coaching for De Dirigent!

I was so thrilled to have worked closely with the leading actress, the incredible Christanne de Bruijn, on making her English rock for her role in the magnificent film de Dirigent. She has already won an award for her role and you can see my name on the credits here. (And yes, that is me […]

Imagine a world….

Imagine a world…. Where people wanted the best for each other. Where success was seen as inspiring and not a threat. Where learning new skills is exciting, fun, and challenging. Where pitching your ideas to a new international audience is not scary. Where writing an email is easy and fast. Where English phrases are there, […]

Independence Day (and my confession)!

It was the 4th of July, 1984. Chicago. I was with my oldest friend Lisa (who is still my oldest friend today, although she is somehow still 3 months younger than I am). We had just spent a wonderful evening having a picnic in the park, and then watched the fireworks when it got dark. I […]