On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “She’s amazing, she’s great, we love her! She’s so great in everything she tells you – her spirit and her energy is so amazing! We don’t even notices that she’s a teacher, it’s just trying new things and not being scared. Buffi – I would marry you, honest! Buffi is crazy and we love her!”

ON RYE: “It’s the best way to rock their English!”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN:  “I love you.”

“Buffi is my Lyric Slayer – she’s more than that, also a poet with words, and I’m always doubting certain words and phrases and I can call her in the middle of the night and ask her anything – she’s always there for us. She knows both British and American expressions. once when we were working on The Silent Force, that was the first album we did with Buffi, and  I wanted to do everything more English, and she said the spelling had to change, too, and the next album we were more into the American pronunciation, and she helped us a lot with that too. She’s a multi-talent, she’s also a poet and is very good with so many things – what doesn’t she do? She grows every time not only with coaching artists but also with writing her own books and now this new project, what’s next, Buffi?”

On RYE: “She has the experience with all the artists and knows how they work and she has a lot of experience in that field, plus she knows everything about grammar and has a great overview – you’ll see different sides of the artists and the grammar in this RYE.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “I think Buffi is a great, warm, lovely personality. She’s a great woman who teaches in a very special and cool way, which I think works really well for young people. She’s a superwoman!”

On RYE: “It’s a cool way to learn about grammar. She takes a lot of music examples. It’s not the usual way of learning, that’s what makes it special.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “Buffi is totally crazy but cool and I love her.”

On RYE: “She has lots of good advice and it’s a great way to learn. Check it out!”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “I totally adore Buffi. She’s so good at what she does. She’s the real ant fucker. She knows everything about grammar and is an artist herself, she can write beautifully and she combines everything and that’s what makes her such a good teacher. She’s so special and what she does is so great! And she makes me chocolate pie.”

“Whenever I write a song she checks it and helps me with my pronunciation, there’s nobody else who can do what she does. She’s so warm and funny and there’s nobody who can do what she does.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “Buffi means a lot to me, she’s helped me on several occasions, mostly lyric wise, she’s brilliant when it comes to lyrics and she helped me out quite a few difficult spots with my lyrics. Lyrics are my job and it’s very important that there’s no mistakes lyrically and she’s such a language expert. She’s very important.”

On RYE: “I think it’s important, if you want to be involved with music and write your own lyrics, then it’s pretty important that you do it right. That’s by learning the language and the grammar, a great way to learn how to do it is by listening to music. If there’s anyone who’s really good in grammar and lyrics, it’s buffi.”

mr a balladeer:

on BUFFI DUBERMAN: “There’s no one like her, she’s the greatest, she helps me out a lot in my lyrics, and knows exactly how it should be pronounced, and there’s no one else like her. I really love her. The worst thing is that she always makes me chocolate things and I always eat too much food at her place.”

On RYE: “I think people should do this because studying is the best when it’s fun. And buffi is fun. This is how I learned English, through music and lyrics, writing everything down and checking what it means. It’s a great way to learn and shows you a lot about the structure of sentences and the pronunciation.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “I think Buffi is fantastic. She’s cool, she’s beautiful, she’s a working mom, which I admire, and I’m so happy to work with her. We started working together recently and she helps me with my lyrics, my pronunciation, and she’s also such a great coach and she’s a working mom too. She’s fabulous!”

On RYE: “I think Dutch people can learn a lot from Buffi. She knows so much not just about the theory but also how to use it. You should definitely check this out.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “She’s a big part of my life and has been involved in my musical career for a long time. She’s the best English coach in the Netherlands. She’s one of my closest friends. We have a lot of fun together. I cherish our friendship and we talk a lot about music, about life, about lyrics. I love her.”

On RYE: “It’s not really a lesson, it’s having a lot of fun and learning through that. It’s not being at school, it’s a very easy way of learning how to use English.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “She’s the sweetest and most spontaneous person I know. I’ve worked with her on all my albums. She’s a great person and always helps me out. I love her. I write my songs alone and it’s always nice to have someone check my lyrics and Buffi is one of the best at that, she comes up with a lot of alternative options and that’s great.”

On RYE: “It’s so inspiring to learn about music and words together. It can help you as a songwriter, even if you’re just starting out. You should check it out.”


 On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “I met Buffi in 2005 and she’s helped me so much. She has such a lovely personality. Helping me find new ways to express myself, it’s a pleasure to work with her.”


On BUFFI DUBERMAN: “I fell in love with Buffi after receiving a cheque for 2 million dollars. But that’s not true. I can’t remember how we met, but at some point a long time ago, I needed a professional, and Buffi really is. And she’s a warm human being. If you try to say something in your lyrics, it’s really nice to work with someone who is not only a professional but also a very nice human being. So that’s my love for Buffi.”

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