Masterclass Business Blunders


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You might use English every day.
But are you sounding professional enough every day?
Are you getting feedback on how you come across in English?
Probably not.

For example, in many languages, you have a ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ way of saying ‘you’. In English, we don’t. So how do we package formality? Which phrases should we use and which ones miss the mark?

Whether you’re just starting out on your professional journey or have years of experience, this masterclass program will help you communicate like a boss!

I’ve got a 30-minute masterclass, full of new insights, and a 40+-page interactive workbook that allows you to apply what you are learning immediately, with lessons, exercises and answer pages!

Why is this program a must for all professionals? You are not getting feedback at work on how you come across in English. This means you might be making blunders you’re not even aware of! Your colleagues don’t know the difference, or they don’t care.

I know, and I care.
Believe me!

Identify, understand, and eliminate the biggest Business English mistakes
you might not even be aware of- in grammar, writing, vocabulary, and formality! After this masterclass you’ll have expanded your vocabulary, eliminated the biggest grammar mistakes, and raised the bar on your writing skills.

Let’s take your English from functional to professional so you can add value to your business with confident communication!