Work It! An 80-page e-book to get you active in English!


Download instructions

  1. The e-book will be sent via Dropbox. If you use Safari as your browser, you’ll have to download Dropbox first. (This is not necessary if you are using Chrome, as for some reason Chrome and Dropbox are friends, and Safari and Dropbox are not. Weird, but true!) Dropbox is a free app. Please click here to get your own Dropbox. (Click on the upper right corner to download your Dropbox, it takes 5 seconds.)
  2. Already got Dropbox? Cool! Let’s rock! Place your order on this page. WORK IT! is 9,95E including tax, and you can pay with iDeal or PayPal.
  3. Thank you for your order! Once you have paid, you will see a confirmation screen. Just before ‘subtotal’ you will see ‘Download your purchase here.”
  4. Click on ‘here’.
  5. Then you’ll be brought to Dropbox, and you can click in the upper right corner for ‘Direct Download.’ Then it will download, and you can WORK IT! forever! If you don’t have Dropbox, no problem! Just click on ‘no thanks’ and you can still view it!