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Wait. What?!?

I’m typing this and I just wrote ‘Newsletter 2 June ’ as the file title. Say what, mama?! It’s June already? I cannot believe it – time flies when you’re having fun and strapped into that rollercoaster known as Life. Let me start by wishing you a happy, happy June….just as soon as I finish my phone call.

I haven’t disappeared! 

I keep reminding myself to remember to remind you that if you have Gmail you might not have seen my last few newsletters. I’ve always been there but I am most likely in the ‘Promotions’ file. All you have to do is open the Promotions file and drag my newsletter to the Primary file. Then I’ll be in the Primary file every week from now on! Done and dusted, baby!

Websday, Websday, gotta get down on Websday….

On June 25 I launch my second Webinar! This time I’ve listened carefully to what people have told me on social media. So many people seem to struggle with what to say at the right time in the right way to the right people. If you always ask a question/ end an email/ turn down a request (and so much more!) in the same way, every time…there’s bound to come a point when you will come across as being too rude or direct in a formal situation. How do you get enough vocabulary to stop this from happening? My Webinar will help you tackle this problem! It’s a 45-minute Master Class on the differences between formal and informal English and vocabulary building, and you can ask me questions live at the end! Find out more here!

If you have time…or…when you have time…? 

It’s very easy to confuse ‘if’ and ‘when’, and it can be pretty dangerous if you do so during a negotiation session! I made you this video to help you out a bit – hope it helps!

Think your English sucks? 

Well, my darlings. Check this out. And then think again! These people took on the English language. And lost. Bigtime.

Hate to love you and leave you

…but I have to get ready for the new Mister and Mississippi album, write and correct more exams, book a house for the summer, run 5k, bake some vegan cupcakes, and prepare for the talk I’m giving at Career Day at my daughter’s High School! I do have the best career in the world, and to think that I made it all up 15 years ago! Wait…what? 15 years?!?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!
Sending you a huge couch, a pile of books, magazines, and newspapers, a jug of wine/coffee/mint mojitos, and no clock….in my head.

Oh, and there’s no newsletter on June 9, as it’s a national holiday here…so see you in 2 weeks!

Wit lof from buffi x

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