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Guess what, y’all? You ROCK! It’s Monday afternoon. If no one has told you yet today that you’re awesome, please allow me to be the first. You signed up for my newsletter, which means you’re interested in English, education, learning, or just like my lame jokes. And I salute that! Thanks for all your questions and inspiration. We love you in Buffiland.


I wrote a blog for the website ‘Nummer van de Dag’. It’s a lyrical analysis of the new Paul Simon song. The lyrics are so moving, I had to write about it! Check it out here.

My website now has a ‘Newsletter’ page (check it here) which is separate from the Media shizzle (that’s here)


Many times I get asked about the difference between ‘until’ and ‘till’. First of all, watch the spelling. Notice ‘until’ ends with one L and ‘till’ with 2. This is similar to ‘beautiful’, ‘wonderful’, ‘awful’ – they all end with one L, but the word ‘full’ ends with 2. Watch out for that! And officially, ‘until’ sounds slightly more formal, and ‘till’ less formal, but feel free to use whichever floats your boat. The meaning is the same.


Oh, my darlings. I cannot say this often enough. Spell check yourself before you wreck yourself! Here’s some examples of people who didn’t spell check themselves, and now they’ve wrecked themselves by getting horrible tattoos. So funny. So sad. Let’s bring them a dictionary and some laser surgery. Laugh and cry here.


Recently I heard a song where the pronunciation was so weak I swear that’s what they were singing. LieS and eyes both end in a slight Z sound. It’s what I call a ‘heavy S’, when I’m coaching someone on pronunciation. I do it every week, I love doing it and am not afraid of new challenges, so if someone can ask this guy to call me, I’d be happy to coach him too!

Have a lovely week, all, and thank you for letting me into your inbox!
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