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What do native speakers do that non- native speakers don’t do when it comes to English communication?

Find out in my Elevate Your English! webinar, where I’ll share the scoop on everything from advanced grammar, ‘framing’ your message, and working on your style and tone in English.

You’ll learn, activate, and then check your English skills in a fun and interactive way, with eye-openers, new insights, and humor. And this will all be done in my famous rock and roll style!

Remember – just because you use English every day does NOT mean you’re getting feedback every day. It usually means you’re making the same mistakes over and over again, or just staying in your (dusty) communicative comfort zone.

Let me help you like I’ve helped thousands of people in my 30 years of English coaching. For free! The webinar will be recorded and sent to you, so do sign up even if you can’t make it live!

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Tuesday, May 26 2020

Remember, if you have doubts about your English, people will often interpret that as you having doubts about your products, services, or even yourself. That takes valuable attention and energy away from getting things done. Let me help you improve your English skills, confidence, and flair with my coaching tips and tricks and help you get to the next level. 

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