10 free tools to help you improve your English RIGHT NOW


Thank you all for your messages about my last newsletter. It’s so wonderful to see how you are all applying this easy technique to face your fear (and then turn around, face front, and keep on driving!) Love it!

So many people have asked me how to improve their English.
Right now.
For free!

I’ve compiled a list of 10 resources that are tried and true. I hope they help you activate your English.
Remember what I always say….use  it or lose it!

1.Want to find out what a word means? Stay in the English world to find out. Don’t go back into your own language. Dictionary.com is a great resource, and the app is free and fabulous!

2.Looking to expand your vocabulary? Try the thesaurus.com app, or use the website. Don’t forget to use the ‘star’ word function to make your own word list on your phone! Then you can find and use new words easily!

3. Are you a visual learner? Then this visual dictionary website is perfect for you!

4. Trying to find a word that’s at the tip of your tongue? Here you go!

5. Are you a grammar nerd who wants to see everything related to that word in a very cool way? You got it! 

6. Want to improve making and receiving phone calls? Look no further!

7. Ready to step up your grammar game? I got you covered!

8. How’s your pronunciation? Tim will help you out for free!

9. Need some quick tips for your next presentation? Just a click away!

10. Ready for a quick grammar check? Yes, you are! 

Try these and let me know how it’s going! Which one helped you the most?

Remember, you need to stay active in English or else all you’re doing is putting more info in your head.
Reading and listening are not enough.
They just make you a better listener or reader.
To speak and write better, you need to activate what’s in that gorgeous head of yours.
So…what are you waiting for?
Let’s get clicking!


PS: Last week I posted 2 visuals for my Words On Wednesday, which I shared on my social media channels. I’m sharing them here with you in case you missed it! One is all about having an attitude of gratitude (happy late Thanksgiving!), and the other is when to use ‘ful’ or ‘full’! I hope they help!

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