‘In my own language…I am a Ferrari. I can go at top speed, with no problems, and I really enjoy the ride. I’m totally in control, and at the top of my game. But in English, I’m not a Ferrari. I’m….a donkey. A donkey with a broken leg. Can you help?’

This is the phone call I had recently with a top entrepreneur.
I could hear the desperation in his voice and how small he felt trying to be himself in English.

The frustration and total gap- between running the show in your own language, in a high-expectation, high-pressure environment, at the top of your game, feeling like the ultimate pro…..until you have to do that all in English.

You doubt if you’ve used the right words.
Or you use the same words over and over again.
Or…you can’t even find the damn word and you have to apologize to your client.

Here comes the donkey!
(Oh, and he’s limping.)

So….are you going to keep on getting stressed, holding on to the myth that your school English will get you through today’s international business climate? Thoughts and prayers, my darling.

Or are you going to get a coach with 32 years of experience, who has helped thousands at the top of the game feel like a Ferrari in English, with top executive and CEO clients in 7 countries?

Totally up to you.

If you believe you and your personal and professional development are worth investing in, I have 1 spot left for my Great in 8 program. This is the last time this program will be offered, and then it’s gone forever. If you would like daily feedback on your own English speaking and writing skills, group coaching calls with a tiny but mighty motivated group, an exclusive live presentation day, 15 ebooks, access to my video academy and more, I welcome you to apply. We start in 1 week so do not hesitate!

You can either continue as you are, hope for the best, and stay in your tiny (and often stressed out) comfort zone, or you can grow. And glow. And get clear and honest feedback and truly see progress in how you talk to the world, and how you talk to yourself.

I’m waiting for you at the starting line!

Love, Buffi

PS: This is what people have said upon graduating from the program. They are enjoying life in the fast lane now!

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