In Jan 2022 I got a text from Rico. I nearly dropped my phone. He was asking for help with A. BIG. PROJECT. An international production and Rico’s first feature role as a serious actor, not just a fighter.

His English needed to be natural and authentic while maintaining the intensity of the role.

We worked on everything from vowel extension, muting the D and T before consonants, phrasing, blending, and so much more.

Plus media training for the zillions of interviews he would need to do. Last night was the premiere and I was so honored to be invited, see all his hard work seem so effortless, then my name up on the screen.

He worked so hard – he has a team of trainers who get him in shape, and I was his mouth trainer. Yes, I brought the pain. Did you know there are 11 muscles just in your mouth? Working on pronunciation in English means creating new muscle memory. He never gave up, kept asking for more ‘punishment’, and I was astounded by his drive and motivation. Deeply proud of the result. Standing ovation from this happy coach!

When you do what you love with people who love what you do – it’s a dream. After 15 months of mouth muscle memory with Rico, last night he gave me a memory I will hold in my heart for a long time to come.

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