200 million people cannot be wrong

I remember his first day of school.
How he was nervous but so friendly and warm.
I saw his talent develop over the years, and I’m proud to have helped him nurture and extend that phenomenal talent.

Struggling with writing lyrics that were a true reflection of what his heart was trying to say.
Staying honest and real.
Not taking the easy route.
Not trying to be a pretty picture.

Sparring with him and making him work hard.
Watching him deal with all the good and all the bad that comes from being an exceptional talent that the world needs to see.

Every session ended with a hug and I always looked forward to the next one to hear what he was working on and where the journey was taking him.

And then this….(warning – this image might be shocking if you can’t handle women getting emotional)

I am so proud of him and know firsthand how hard he worked for this.

I cannot wait to see where he goes next.
I’m with him every step of the way.

Have you dared to dream lately?


(This is how he looked when I gave him extra homework.)

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