23 things I’m taking into 2024

This is my last newsletter of the year.
And here are 23 things that have served me very, very well this year.
I’m bringing them all with me into 2024.

I hope they serve you well, too.

23 things to take with you into 2024:
1. Every no to someone else is a yes to you.
2. There’s always someone more beautiful than you. Richer than you. Smarter than you. But no one else can be more YOU than you.
3. Words matter. Use them well.
4. Tears are just love with nowhere to go.
5. The way you talk to yourself shows up in how you talk to the world.
6. You have a story that only you can share. Sometimes it takes a while to realise this and more time to have the guts to share it.
7. Don’t forget to breathe slow and low- it really helps when you are nervous.
8. You do not have to ‘deserve’ yummy food or treats.
9. Guilt and pleasure are 2 different concepts. Let’s keep them that way. Never feel bad about what you enjoy.
10. Movement in all forms, is a celebration of what your body can do. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
11. The one thing you should never wear is the burden of the expectation of others.
12. Comparison is the thief of joy.
13. Baby steps are steps.
14. Not everything is content.
15. You do not have to ‘burn off’ any food after enjoying it.
16. Your bank account is not a reflection of what authentic success truly is.
17. Sometimes a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.
18. You can find great joy in the smallest of things.
19. Trees and clouds are awesome. Don’t forget to sit and look at them when you can.
20. Age is a number. What you see on the scale is a number. Your bank account is a number. You are not a number. Don’t define yourself by one.
21. Always remember that what you see on social media has been shared, filtered, and curated for a reason.
22. You deserve to take up space in the world. Never apologize for showing up.
23. Love is timeless.

Wishing you love, light, health and happiness, for this holiday season and way, way beyond.

See you next year!
With love!

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