Hey there, my dear!
You’re cool, right?
And you’re totally modern, right?

So…why isn’t your English catching up?
You’re still using the same boring words and phrases over and over again.

Your comfort zone is not super sparkly, and I’m here to help you get out of it and expand your English vocabulary!

So…here are 3 hand-picked totally cool phrases you should be using TODAY!

1. ‘We’re running out of runway on this one’ – this means that you really have to make a decision or take action before it’s too late.

‘We haven’t finalised that contract yet? We’re running out of runway on this one. If we don’t act soon, she will go with another supplier!’

2. ‘Let me set the table for you’ – this is used when you want to set up the explanation of something.

‘Ok, let me set the table for you. We’re launching a new product line and we need to find out exactly where our target market is located in order to make the best campaign.’

3. ‘Tired but wired’ – when you are exhausted but excited at the same time! (This is also used often to describe someone who has difficulty falling asleep.)

“After working on my presentation for so many hours, I was tired but wired because it went so well!’

Ok, are you ready to rock NOW?
Yes, you most certainly are!

I hope this helps you paint with new and exciting colors the next time you are talking or writing in English! Bye bye comfort zone!

Remember, new words and phrases will never come knocking on your door. You have to bring them into your life, actively, in order to have them become a natural part of your vocabulary.

That’s all for now, my dear! Stay awesome and I’ll talk to you next week!