3 Magic Thank You Moments and Why You Need Them

Here’s a quick tip on how to rock your presentations in English.
Your job as a presenter is to make your audience feel comfortable, and welcome. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, right? If your audience does not feel at ease, they will not connect to you or your story.

There are lots of different ways to make a strong connection with your audience, but I’d just like to focus on 1 (ok, 3) today., and that is (ok, are)…

The 3 Magic Thank You Moments!

The first one comes at the start of your talk.
Something like “I’m so excited to be here, thank you for joining me this morning” can create a warm and welcoming tone. It sets the stage for an A.P. (Awesome Presentation!)

The second one comes at the end of your conclusion, before you open for questions. This gives your audience the signal that you are now done with your story, and are ready to receive their questions. Try something like “That wraps up my story for today, thank you so much for listening. Now, who would like to ask the first question?” (TIP: If you have a colleague or friend in the audience, ask them to prepare a question to ask you, if needed, to get the ball rolling.)

The last MTYM (yes, that’s a thing now) should be just before everyone goes home. Show your audience that you are grateful that they took time out of their (busy!!) day to come and listen to your talk. Something like “That’s all folks, have a good journey home, and thanks again for coming today!”

I hope this helps you make a warm connection with your audience. Try using all 3 (if they are appropriate to your situation, of course) the next time you have to give a talk!
And, as always, let me know how it goes! Always happy to hear from you!

Have an excellent rest of the week, and thank you so much for reading!

With love.
Buffi x

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