Hi there,

I am now looking back at The Launch I Worked Towards for 3 Years.

In 2019, on Bali I started sketching ideas about how to make my business scalable and serve (many, many) others as an English coach. 

Those ideas started in a small notebook. 

Then they became outlines, modules, frameworks, on my screen. 

Then they went to my team’s screens and became a website, an app, a strategy, a plan.

3 years later, after our very first Launch Week in February, I’m so proud to say that Communication Nation is now on hundreds of screens, with members from 12 countries, and counting! 

The launch was an enormous success. For lots of reasons. One of the things I am most proud of is that the whole launch process felt like a natural extension of how I do business and see the world. 

Here are 4 Launch Lessons I learned. I hope they are of value to you, too. 

  1. Be the stupidest person in the room

I have a brilliant team who are excellent at what they do. This means making spreadsheets, comparing prices, streamlining systems, etc. I suck at this. And I don’t want to learn how to master this skill. I learned that every sale created a chain of 16 different actions in our system. I had no idea. I’m so happy I know very little about this. I trust them, they love what they do, and I see the results of their hard work. We all win! 

  1. Every no to someone else is a yes to you

I made sure that right after Launch Week I took serious time for myself. This meant blocking a week in my calendar, and having SBT (Serious Bathrobe Time). I was living on adrenaline from August till February, working every weekend, juggling 3973 balls, and I needed to recover, sloooowly. I took a week off, did not leave my couch very much, and reconnected deeply and lovingly with my bathrobe, my book, and my bathtub. This also meant saying no to every social and work-related invite I got. I had to honor myself and start giving more energy back to me, so that I could come back refreshed and ready to rock. It worked. My bathrobe now understands that I am ready to wear clothes again. She’s off the hook for now (because she’s on the hook). 

  1. Bet on your own horse, always

Many investors approached me when they heard about what I was building. I could have picked up millions in investments. I said no because I was in the very fortunate position to do this all on my own. I did not want to make this a success in order to pay anyone back. I wanted to do this on my terms. I saved for years and years, built a serious buffer, and invested it all in CN. Everything I did was my own vision and I would only have myself to blame if I failed. This sense of freedom meant I could share my vision, concession-free. 

  1. Connection is key

I was so delighted to read the comments in the Meet the Members Forum. So many people connecting and supporting each other. We welcomed new members from 12 different countries, but all sharing a common goal. Connection is key. We are all looking for that safe space. To be seen. To be heard. To know that you matter. (You are, and you do!)

The communication connection continues in our Learning Live event, which is all about preparing for the unexpected in English. It’s in the afternoon of March 30, from 15.30-18.00, and you can join too! If you’ve ever struggled with vocabulary, seen your confidence dip during a conversation, or struggled with networking, this is the place to be! My amazing friends at Boom Chicago have created a wonderful program exclusively for us! Click HERE to grab your spot, as space is very limited! Let’s laugh and learn together, with drinks, snacks, goodie bags, and lots of vocabulary! 

Have a super week!


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