48 and feeling great!

How are you?
How old are you?
Oh, and how old am I?
Funny you should ask.
I’m 48!!

I have to get used to saying that. I turned 48 yesterday and it was a wonderful day. I’ve been thinking about what it means to get older as I get older. It means a lot. It means (to me), getting smarter, sharper, happier, and leaving the crap behind. It means digging deeper and feeling stronger, It means wanting to do even more when you realise you have even less time.

I’m so deeply blessed that I get a new day every day to do what I love with and for people I love. I had a wonderful magical birthday and I look forward to about 50 more!

This past year has been epic for me – everything from writing and crowdfunding my new book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass in English’ to having the second reprint in less than 3 months after the (big!) first print sold out. And then performing at Lowlands after working on that idea for 2 years. And then being asked to be on the season premiere of DWDD (you can see my segment here).

And that was just last WEEK.
I mean, really. If nothing else ever happened to me I would still be the happiest person I know.

But guess what?
More things are coming.
Lots of things.
Media things.
Book things.
People things.
Foreign things.
Electronic things.

All of them wonderful, big, scary, fun and challenging.

You’ll hear about it first right here in this newsletter!

I’m off to take my 48-year old self off to teach a big room full of ….not 48-year olds! First day back at school, yo! Let’s go!

Have a super wonderful day,
And happy birthday early!

XXX Buffi

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