5 Hacks to get you out of your head…

Have you ever gotten so nervous while you are talking to someone that you end up being totally in your head, talking to yourself the whole time, instead of actually talking to the audience (or other person)?

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit disconnected from your body and stuck in your head during a presentation, especially if you’re feeling nervous or stressed. However, it’s important to get back into your body in order to feel more present and connected to your audience. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they are. So let’s ditch the static in the attic (I love that expression!) and get you back on track by getting back into your body.

The last tip is my absolute favorite, and it absolutely works!

Take a deep breath: One slow and low exhale, quietly, can help rebalance you and get you back into your body and out of your head. Did you know that if your exhale is twice as long as your inhale, you immediately lower the flight, fight, or freeze hormone that makes you nervous in the first place? Breathe in for 4, exhale slow and low for 8. You can do this subtly when you are showing a visual, or when someone is asking a question. No one will notice – I’m actually doing it right now!

Ground yourself: Take a moment to ground yourself by feeling your feet on the ground and the weight of your body on the floor. This can help you feel more rooted and connected to the present moment. Feel sturdy in your shoes!

Move around: If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, try moving around the stage a bit. This can help you feel more energized and present in your body. You can walk while telling your story, then stop when you want to present a fact for impact.

Take a sip of water: Keep a glass of water a few steps away, speak while you walk over to it, then pause for a sip. This is completely natural and normal, and not only is it great to hydrate, this physical movement gets you out of your head, too!

Wiggle your toes: If your breathing is too high, and you feel yourself getting too much in your head, then try wiggling your toes! This forces you to concentrate on your feet, which brings you back to your body, and gets you out of your head. It really works.

So….how about putting this into practise? Instead of just reading about presentations, actually giving one? And being coached through it? I say – let’s go!

I have 2 very special events coming up in June which are focussed on communicating with confidence. And they take 2 different approaches, as I want to work with you in the way that resonates best with you, personally. Which one is best for you? I can guarantee a fantastic experience for either one – or why not come to both and activate your English in lots of different ways?

If you’d like to work with me on preparing for an upcoming presentation, getting over your nerves when presenting, or discovering new storytelling angles, join me at my Pitch Perfect event on June 29th! I’ll be working with a small, supportive group in my new office in Den Bosch for one morning (or afternoon) to help you get the most out of your talks. We will cover all different aspects regarding speaking with impact – from creating a strong structure, honoring your audience, an effective CTA, body language, and so much more.

Space is extremely limited, so grab your spot HERE!

Grab your spot for June 29th!

And if you’d like to work on expanding your vocabulary, spontaneous situations where you don’t have time to overthink what you are going to say, dealing with the unexpected, but with a delicious twist – do join me and my special culinary expert Susan Aretz at The Flavors of English on June 9 – for a workshop where we all cook together while activating our English. It’s all about food, drinks, hospitality, and with a few presentation surprises baked in – you’ll see when you get there! And don’t hesitate to grab your ticket (and bring a hungry friend)! We are nearly sold out!

Grab your spot for June 9th!

I can’t wait to work with you in June!


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