5. Months. Left.

It’s the end of July. Where has this year gone? It’s flown by in a blur. There are only 5 months left in the year. How are you going to spend them?

I have big plans for the rest of this year. You’ll find out more after the summer- it’s so exciting!

If you only had 5 DAYS left in the year, how would you spend them? If you only had 5 HOURS left in the year, what would you do?

What would you focus on?

Would you spend them feeling negative about yourself? Doubting if you’re good enough? Comparing yourself to others? Feeling paralyzed by perfectionism?

Or would you focus on living your life full of joy, action, and gratitude, because every single day is only here once.

Today is only here once. Tomorrow is only here once. Your days and your time and your energy are precious. Use them well.


PS: If you’d like to have a free intake session to discuss your feelings about English, happy to jump on a call in August!

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