5 Ways To Activate Your English Right Now!

‘Hey, Buffi, my English is good – I watch Netflix without subtitles!’

Does this sound familiar?
It sure does to me – I hear All. The. Time.

Watching a TV show you understand does NOT mean your English is great. It means you UNDERSTAND what you see and hear. Your PASSIVE knowledge of English is great. It does NOT, by any means, mean that you can USE it spontaneously, accurately, or naturally. That’s a whole other kettle of fish! You have so much KNOWLEDGE (gosh, I really love my CAPS LOCK today…) that is not being ACTIVATED. Words and phrases are sitting in your gorgeous (and yes, have I told you today how lovely you look?) head, just sitting there getting dusty. So let’s get dusting and get ACTIVE right now! (Ok, right after reading this newsletter, I mean.)

1. Go to this link and download my FREE Business Grammar Masterclass and Worksheet. Watch it and then USE what you have learned.
2. Go to my friends at the BBC and take 6 minutes and learn 6 new words or phrases here.
3. Test your grammar knowledge by taking one of my quick quizzes (with answers!) here.
4. Sign up for the Word Of The Day service here and use your new word every day!
5. Invest in yourself and spend 9.95 on my e-book Work It!, which is filled with dozens of mini-lessons, exercises and answers!

That’s it! For now.
Get active today!
Use it or lose it, darling.

Nobody ever scores from the sidelines. Get out there and get in the game!

Love from your biggest cheerleader,
Buffi x

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