When I was starting out in my entrepreneurial journey 3 decades ago, I knew that I wanted to become successful. As the child of entrepreneurs (and the sibling of one), it seemed so natural for me to want to run my own show.

I wanted to be successful.

But now, as I approach the third third of my life, it’s become so clear to me what the real definition of success is.

Before, success was bringing in lots of money.
Now, success is taking a walk in the sun and looking at the trees. Hopefully after waking up from a nap.

Before, success was buying fancy clothes without looking at the price tag.
Now, success is vintage shopping and daring to wear an old man’s fisherman hat I bought in Berlin, without looking at the looks I get.

Before, success was networking at events and sharing my business card to anyone who would listen.
Now, success is working long-term with just a few clients, who see results and want the journey to keep on going.

Before, having my entire month planned with social events 2 weeks before that month even started filled me with such joy (I loved my Filofax- ask your grandmother what this was).
Now, my weekends rotate around QBT – Quality Bathrobe Time. I literally schedule this in for one WHOLE day a week, if possible. My bathrobe is my favorite place to hang out in. It’s soft, sweet, and silent. (These are admirable traits for bathrobes, but also for people.)

Before, many people were surprised that someone so young could be so determined to build a big business. I left a very safe, well-paid job to follow my dreams and create an industry that did not exist.

And boy, did my dreams come true. (And I realize I am writing this from that position, one of privilege, which many do not get to experience.)

But now I also realize something really significant.

I never really wanted my business to be big.
I just wanted it to be great.

The older I get, the more I learn about myself and how my priorities are shifting.

Working less hours, but having more focus.
Playing hooky with my husband who still makes me snort laugh every day, even after 33 years together (that’s a HELLA LOT of snorting).

Watching my kids navigate their own way through life and having the honor of them taking me along with them. This means new political debates, playlists, recipes, and fashion. Love what they have taught me.

This means not having many friends and cherishing the time I spend with them – when we make a coffee last 2 hours. Or we do a 10km walkie talkie. Sip by precious sip, step by precious step.

Gifts, all gifts.

At this phase it’s caring more….about…..less.

I am enjoying this phase of my life immensely.
There is so much clarity in age.

Wishing you goodness in your greatness.


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