An attitude of gratitude…


Sipping solemnly from the golden goblet of gratitude – last Thursday was Thanksgiving in the United States.

To me, every day is pretty much Thanksgiving. My life is drenched in gratitude. It makes such a difference in how you experience the world around you.

Let’s take a moment today to honor what we are grateful for.

I’ll go first.
My heart and my soul are great & full for the following things:

*My friends and family. I love them and I miss them so much. I have so much love in my heart for so many special people. Sometimes my heart is so heavy because it’s so very, very full.

*My fantastic team who keep me sane and balanced and have showed me that this former control freak is now becoming a black belt in delegation and letting go. I love being the stupidest person in the room when we are together and take great pride in how they shine in ways I never could.

*That hundreds of people have joined the Communication Nation waiting list. They are just as excited about the World’s First Business English Membership Program as I am! After 3 years of working silently and diligently behind the scenes, I’m ready to leave the lab soon and together we will soar! Thank you all for your patience.

*A strong flat white with oat milk every morning. And then one more. It’s heaven in a cup after a cold early morning power walk.

*The gift of knowing that I don’t have to care about a lot. This is a new development that has evolved over the years. I care very, very deeply about very few things. I no longer get caught up in other people’s drama. ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’ is my middle name.

*I am so grateful for the connection I feel with so many of you. You have embraced my quirky humor & coaching (and many would say ‘fashion’) style. Being truly authentic on social media is a wonderful filter (although I stopped using a filter on my photos a while ago). The right people always seem to find me; the haters know exactly who to hate. Beautifully simple, right?

*That my bestie Daphne (who has been taking pictures of me since 1987) said, while we were walking in Brooklyn just a few days ago –‘ go stand under that tree’. Amazing how she saw that all the colors blended so beautifully. Thank you honey!

Who or what are you grateful for today? If it’s a person tell them today. NOW. Don’t wait. The sooner we spread that attitude of gratitude, the better.

Remember – magic, beauty & joy are EVERYWHERE.
It’s not WHERE you look.
It’s HOW.


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