Hello and happy Second Easter Day (if you live in the Netherlands)!

I’m so happy to live in a country where we are allowed to eat brunch and take the day off TWICE. (In America, we have Easter Sunday and then Monday you’re back at work…unless of course you’re in a lockdown…!)

So today, as I munch (again!) on bagels, fresh egg salad, and homemade cheesecake, I thought I’d take a moment to teach you some English expressions which are all egg-related. Then you might feel eggcellent too!

Let’s get cracking. (See what I did there?)
? a good egg= a good person
? a bad egg = a bad person
? to put all your eggs in 1 basket= to put all your hopes/ opportunities into 1 person or situation
? to egg someone on= to encourage someone to do something stupid
? to walk on eggshells= to be very, very careful/cautious
?to have egg on your face= to be embarrassed
????Which expression will you use today?
(Note: these expressions work really well on all days of the year, not just on Easter Monday!)

Words shape our world.
The more you know, the more color you can bring to your life (and to the ears, eyes, and hearts of others).

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Can’t wait to see you on April 16!
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Oh, and if you speak Dutch, we don’t ‘lose our egg’ in English. We ‘need to get something off our chest’. We only lose our eggs when we can’t find them in an Easter egg hunt! (Believe me, I’m an expert.)

Hope to work with you on April 16th!

X X buffi