Are you making this common mistake? Let’s fix it now!

I’ve been there.
And I bet you have too.

Have you ever stopped, checked your sentence, and pressed ‘send’ on that email, while hoping for the best? Because you weren’t sure if you used the right word?

I know I have….in Dutch (and lots of other languages, too)!

So many people confuse ‘advice’ and ‘advise’, for example.
Here’s a little quiz to see if you know the difference….

So…how well did you do? Which ones are wrong?
Here are the answers!👇🏾

Still confused about the difference? No worries, I got you!
Let me explain the difference.
(HINT: Thinking of ice and wisdom will really help!)

So my dear, are you going to follow my advice and remember that I advised you to remember my advice? 😉

I hope this little lesson helps!
What else stumps you in English?
Let me know so I can address it in my newsletter. I’m sure others struggle with it too!

Have a great week!
X buffi

PS: Want more help with writing in English? My ebook Work It! has got that covered. And a whole lot more! 88 pages of lessons, exercises, and answers, from idioms to grammar, and beyond! Just €9.95 – now that’s bang for your buck!

You can grab yours (if you scroll to the ebook section) here.
Enjoy the learning journey!

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