Are you one of the 38%?

Happy New Year!
May 2021 be so much lighter and brighter for you!
I wish you a year full of health and happiness, love and light, gratitude and greatness.
And a lot more!

I had a wonderful vacation. I rented a cottage in the woods with my 3 favorite people and spent time walking, reading in front of the fire, writing, and eating. Then more eating. Did I mention that I love eating? 🙂

During this time I wrote something on my Instagram Story about my big plans for 2021. That includes expanding my business, my team, and my product line, raising my coaching prices (to lower my waiting list), and to invest even more in myself.
And then I did a poll. I asked my followers if they also were investing in themselves. If they felt worthy. If they felt that they deserved special things (material or not) in their lives.

And the answer SHOCKED me:
38% of my brilliant, well-educated, fantastically inspiring followers did NOT believe they were worth investing in.
This broke my heart.

I asked them why. Why did they not feel they had value?
Many answered.
Several put other people first. Then they had no money or energy left for themselves.
Others felt that investing in themselves was just a waste of time.
A few felt ashamed spending money on themselves.
And others were raised that investing in yourself was a form of arrogance.

I spent a long time thinking about this.
I wish I could spend time personally with every single person who felt that way about themselves. To really show them that they were WORTH investing in. I believe in every single person. But not every single person believes in themselves.

So…that is my wish for you.
To believe MORE in yourself.
To believe that you have value.
To believe that you are enough, just as you are.
To believe that putting YOU first actually gives you more energy and inspiration to share with others.
That you only have a limited amount of time and energy every day. Use them well.

My motto for you, in this new year, is to LOVE YOURSELF.
Even more than you do right now.
To really and truly be your best friend.
To be your biggest cheerleader.
To know, deep deep down in your soul, that you have VALUE and that you are WORTH it.

I am.
I believe this about myself.
I ADORE myself.
It took me a long time to get here, though.
I want you to get there faster.

Do you dare to invest in yourself?
To believe that having skills, knowledge, and nice things are OK?
That you’re worth it?

Can you mail me back with one thing you LOVE about yourself, one success story that YOU were responsible for, or an example of what you did just for YOU, and no one else?

I’d love to hear from you!

May 2021 be the year you truly love yourself.
This is my wish for you!

Buffi (who is a really big fan of Buffi).

PS: Speaking of investing in yourself, there are only 2 tickets left for my Communicate With Confidence Masterclass Package, and I’ve extended the Early Bird price, so grab your spot today before we sell out!

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