Are you ready for the royal treatment?


Happy almost King’s Day!
In the Netherlands, where I am based, tomorrow is King’s Day.
This year’s celebration is different than most other years (but strikingly similar to last year’s), meaning people will be celebrating at home or (hopefully!) socially distancing outdoors.

In the Royal Spirit, I’d like to take this opportunity to help you broaden your vocabulary horizons with some expressions, all about kings, queens, and royalty!

  1. A prince among men’ – a fella who is very classy, kind, or sophisticated.
  2. Cash is king’ –when money is the most valuable or important thing.
  3. A king’s ransom’ – a very, very large amount of money.
  4. To live like a king’ – to have a very luxurious lifestyle.
  5. Queen bee’ – a woman in a leadership role.
  6. Drama queen’ – someone who should save their drama for their mama.
  7. Yaassss queen!’ – an expression showing excitement or approval.
  8. Royal pain in the ass’ – really (really!) annoying.
  9.  ‘To get the royal treatment’ – to get elaborate attention and care.
  10.  (My personal favorite) ‘Always wear your invisible crown’ – hold your head up high and feel good about yourself no matter what the circumstances are!

That’s all for now!

If you are celebrating tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day!
If you are not celebrating tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Queen B.

PS: Try to use 3 of these expressions tomorrow and let me know how it goes!
PPS: You don’t have to wait until tomorrow. 🙂

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