Are you selling or are you selling yourself short?

Before I get to the heart of my heart, let’s start with something cool and sweet – I was truly honored to have 3.5 minutes of fame on Shownieuws last week! You can catch my segment here. It was so much fun to do, and more media is coming!

Ok. Now back to our regularly scheduled newsletter and the big question.

Are you selling, my dear….or are you selling yourself short?

You worked long and hard on developing something. You put all your love, expertise and experience into creating something you truly are proud about. It could be an app, a fashion design, an innovative product, or the coolest marketing template ever.

You’ve finally been given your chance- your one shot to present this amazing masterpiece to someone who matters. It could be an investor, a journalist, a new colleague, your boss, or an agent.

So, you start talking about this incredible thing you love so much. But then you get nervous.

Are you saying it right?
Are you using the right words?
Is your pronunciation clear?
Are you doing it justice?
Are you even credible?
Do you sound like an idiot?

And then it starts.
The shame spiral.
You’re trapped.

If only they could hear you in your own language- where you speak with flair and ease. And you sound really smart and professional. Because you are.

Guess what?

If you have doubts about your English while talking about your products or services, people will often interpret that doubt as you having doubts about your product or service.

But you don’t. It’s not your work you have doubts about, it’s your English.

You know all about the amazing thing you’ve worked so hard to create. But your English is getting in the way.

As one client said recently- ‘I’m Dutch, I’m like a Ferrari. In English, I feel like I’m a donkey. A donkey with a broken leg!’

I’d love to help you speak with confidence and flair.
To help you show the world how professional you truly are.

To not have English holding you back anymore, because I’ve coached you through grammar, sharpened up your pronunciation, helped you shape and share your story, and worked with you on your own Personal Communication Project.

This is just part of what I do in Great in 8 – my new 8-week English coaching program.

Are you ready to really sell?
Or will you continue to sell yourself short?
Are you in? Send me a ‘GREAT’ in your reply and I’ll get back to you!

With love,

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