Are you trapped in the trap?

Are you?
Trapped in that trap?
The trap you got yourself into in the first place?
(With the help of that voice of your teacher, your parents, peers, colleagues, etc who said you couldn’t/shouldn’t do it/ you are/were a failure/fraud/poser/loser etc….)

What trap, you might ask?
The trap of ‘I don’t do it because I’m not good at it, and I’m not good at it so I don’t do it.’

You know what I mean.
This is what’s keeping you from getting better.
At a lot of things.

What would happen if you just said ‘F*ck it, let me try. Wait. Let’s not just TRY, let’s DO! Yeah! Let’s DO IT!’
What would you have to lose? If you just DID it instead of worrying ABOUT it?

You might get laughed at.
So what?
You might get sweaty.
Yes, and….?
You might not do as good a job as you had hoped.
Big friggin’ deal.

Getting through your fear, whether it be to give a pitch in English, nail that tricky guitar solo, ask that stranger out on a date, or learn how to finally make that perfect omelette, is taking the first step.

Your fear of what might/could happen is so much BIGGER than the chance of that ACTUALLY happening. Like a zillion times bigger. This skill was initially developed in our ancient brains to save our lives. But now, when our worry takes over and our fatal imagination runs wild, it paralyses us.

Take action.
Ask him/her out.
Shred that guitar.
Pitch from the heart.
Get cracking on those eggs, and enjoy every bite.

DOING it is the first step in getting through the fear of not being good enough.
Doing it means you DID IT.
And doing it again means doing it BETTER.
And doing it BETTER means that you will ROCK.
Fuck those voices. Let them whisper into the darkness.
You know better.

Kill your fear with action.
Don’t let the fear kill your actions.

With love,

PS: I’ve been working a lot with the brilliant Jandino. To me, he is fearless, and I know no one else who is willing to work so hard to make his dreams come true. He is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, and you can see why (and why I am the reason he is alive) here.

PPS: If you want to fight your fear of English with fun, there are exactly 2 tickets left for my masterclass on Thursday!

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