You asked, and I listened. And now it’s here!

‘Hey, Buffi, I’d love private coaching, but what happens afterwards? I’m afraid I’ll go back to my old habits.”

“Hi Buffy, can I also get personal support while following your online course?”

“Can you kick my ass in English? I don’t have the discipline to do it on my own.”

Oh my darling, welcome to my inbox (including the spelling mistakes)!

I get questions like this all the time. They started a long time ago and really got me thinking.

So I decided to do something I’ve never done before. (I know, it’s kind of become a thing of mine, this doing new stuff, like teaching grammar at Lowlands, or giving out free hugs. I think I like the view from the edge just before I jump!)

I’m offering a 4-part Masterclass Series (with the very mysterious name of ‘Communicate Better In English’)  that will kick your ass in English, make you laugh and learn, get personal coaching and feedback, and give you the option to do assignments at home in your own time.

We will meet 4x this year for a half-day workshop which ends with a fabulous lunch to give you the opportunity to practise what you’re learning. And you can enhance it with my Business Communication Course, which was just featured in Intermediar recently.

Only 20 people can join in. I want to keep it intimate so I can give everyone personal feedback and individual support.

You’ll get 4 half-day workshops and lunch for just 400 euros if you sign up by March 7. You can grab your spot here.

You’ll get 4 half-day workshops and lunch AND my Business English online program for just 600 euros (which is ridiculous as the online course retails for 500 euros!) if you sign up by March 7. You can register for that here.

This is new and exciting and I cannot wait to work with you!
The overview of what we’ll be working on is here. We pretty much cover everything, and we wil do so in such a rock and roll way you won’t believe how much fun you’ll have while I kick your butt in the nicest of ways!

Grab a colleague, a friend, an enemy or a frenemy and join me on April 11th!

This is the only year I’ll be doing something like this.
Will you be one of the 20 people joining me on my newest adventure?

Hope so!
Can’t wait!

With love,
buffi (with an I, not a Y but I still love you anyway)

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