Before and after English coaching….the results are in!

So many people have asked me what actually happens before, during and after my Great in 8 English coaching program. What really happens and does it really work?

I could tell you about the 8 weeks of personal coaching, feedback, and online support on so many aspects of Business English, grammar, writing, and vocabulary development.

I could tell you about the Presentation Day and how we pitch and present for each other and activate all that we’re learning together. With chocolate. And bubbles.

I could tell you how I work with you privately on your own Personal Communication Project to give you feedback on your specific goals and needs on a weekly basis.

But I won’t.
I’ll let the Great in 8 graduates speak for themselves.

Before Great in 8, Jos, a real estate professional, said “I don’t have the confidence to speak in groups. My English is really holding me back from taking the next step in my career. It’s really frustrating.”

I worked with Jos on his business English, improved his CV to make it really stand out, and helped him prepare for upcoming pitches and interviews.

After the program he said “Wow! The joy, spirit and motivation you bring is incredible. Also the room you give for doubt, mistakes and improvement is encouraging. My greatest achievement was giving a presentation in English – it went so well and I felt so confident! “

Carin, a content creator, said on her intake form: “I am thinking too much about my grammar and vocabulary and this gets in the way of communication. I get too nervous to speak in public because I don’t know how to say what I want to say. “

I worked with Carin on her general confidence and grammar structures, and coached her through her presentation. Her personal communication project was weekly assignments and feedback on her pronunciation.

After completing Great in 8, she said: “This not only helped me with my English – I’m much more confident now about my vocabulary and grammar, but the presentation day was so helpful. I am now applying what I learned to my presentations in Dutch too! What a difference! And the weekly feedback on my pronunciation means now I don’t hesitate to speak any more!”

Renee, who is a media consultant and presenter based in the UK, said this in her intake form: “I don’t like or understand grammar. I know I’m making mistakes but I don’t know what’s wrong and it takes too much effort to try to figure it out. This makes communicating in English challenging sometimes. “

Upon completion of the program, she said “I started with a 7 in English but now I feel like a 9! I give this program a 10 – it was truly great! I can’t believe I am even saying this but now I truly understand all the grammar structures and can apply them well! I feel so much more confident now!”

So…what do you think?

Are you ready for more confidence in English?
Want to expand your international network and career opportunities?
Would you like to speak with impact and passion in a small, supportive and motivated group?

There are only a few spots left. Is one of them yours?
Find out more here!

I hope I get the chance to work with you!

PS: Next week I’ll be volunteering as a teacher on Bali for my educational foundation. This will be my last newsletter for a couple of weeks. Follow my social media to find out what I’ll be doing over there! I’ll tell you all about it when I return!

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