This (blurry) lady is celebrating Big New Beginnings.
I’ve been following my heart lately (in the spirit of ‘stop at the top’ and ‘always leave the party when you’re still having fun’), and this is where it’s led me:

*In December, I said goodbye to my wonderful music MBO in Rotterdam where I had been teaching for 7.5 years.
*In March, I said goodbye to my beloved Rockacademie, where I have taught for 17 years. I’m still there, but my lessons in June will be my last ones.
*In April, I said loving goodbye to my fabulous manager and decided to go it truly alone in every way.

These ‘loving uncouplings’ feel great, scary, exciting, daring, risky, and very liberating. I’m truly just me now. Me and my heart. We’re a pretty tight team these days. We are working very closely together, and here are some things we are working on…..they might change but at the moment they all feel so good, and so right, they might not.

*I realised all my clients are VIP clients. That’s why, from now on, I will only work with 1 client a day, for full day sessions. There are 3 spaces left for May. If you’d like a dynamic, fun, and challenging VIP day (that will fly by, I promise!), and leave with a huge arsenal of tailor-made English communication expertise, just hit ‘reply’ and we will set it up!

*Working in other countries really excites me. I will be coaching in Berlin for a week next month, I’m in Belgium nearly every week, and plans for Sweden and France are coming together. My suitcase is always packed and ready to go!

*I will be doing one more Songwriter’s Day this year, which is my way of giving back to the music industry, in October. This is half-price coaching for independent artists who don’t have label support. I just did a Songwriter’s day last Saturday, which sold out in one day when it was announced. Everyone who was at the last session wants a new session in October. This means that it’s sold out already. Which means I’m going to make it a weekend instead of just a Saturday. Watch this space for when the October date will be announced! (Or hit ‘reply’ and grab your spot first!)

*I’m now a member of a private dining club which is run by an award-winning chef and sommelier in the heart of Amsterdam. It’ a secret club, and it’s an honor to become a member, and this means I’m going to hold my first English Mastermind there in November. This is an Executive English Mastermind with a truly inspring group of entrepreneurs, coupled with a bespoke Brain Boost menu, ending the day with a signature Buffi cocktail (I know, can you believe it?) and more mind-blowing bites. It’s the next level of luxurious English coaching. Beyond anything that’s out there. I’m so ready to be a pioneer again, as this does not exist anywhere in Europe.(I’m used to being called crazy when I come up with a new idea. People laughed so hard 18 years ago when I left a safe, well-paid job to become the first Personal English Coach. Now they laugh with me in my sessions!) If you’d like to find out more, just hit ‘reply’. I cannot wait to take a huge risk again! My entrepreneurial gut tells me there is a market for this, and my heart says I have to try.

*There will be one more Rock Your Business English! event this year. It will be a 2-day program, but you can go for only 1 day if you wish. The first day will be for those who have never had a workshop with me before, to build up the basics in grammar, vocabulary, and formal/informal language. The second day will be an Advanced workshop, for those who are ready for a challenge and have followed a masterclass or workshop with me before. I’ve never done a masterclass day at this advanced level before, but so many people are ready to take that next step and I’m so excited to help them take it!

I just read what I wrote and realised it’s a lot. It’s right from the heart, and this is how I’m working now.

So, basically, at the age of 49.75, this lady is embracing the unknown, and starting again – finding out what feels right and running with it.

Ready to run with me?
Let’s go!

X buffi