You use English all the time.
And I guess people understand you.
But is that enough? That they just UNDERSTAND you?
Deep down, you know you could do better.
You keep using the same words over and over again.
Boring. For you, and for them.
And the words you really need? The cool, professional words and phrases?
Well, you UNDERSTAND them but they are not part of your ACTIVE vocabulary.
You don’t sound as smart or professional in English as you do in your own language.

Don’t you want to speak with high-energy language so you can sound just as professional and confident as you know you can be?
To write emails and not hesitate before pressing ‘send’?
To give a dynamic presentation because you know how to speak with impact and make a real connection with your audience?
And to use grammar structures not based on your feeling, but by applying the theory correctly and easily?

Even if you use English on a regular basis, no one is giving you feedback on HOW you talk.
They are only listening to WHAT you say.
And….that’s not good enough anymore.

Well, I’m here to make a difference.
To help you break borders both professionally and personally.

Doors are NOW open for my new English coaching program, Great in 8!

I’m here to give you clear and honest feedback in our weekly coaching calls.
I’m here to help you expand your comfort zone and increase your English vocabulary.
I’m here to help you speak and write with impact, flair, and confidence.
I’m here to help you develop your own Personal Communication Project, and watch you grow in confidence and skill mastery.

For 8 weeks. Online and in person.
With a small, highly motivated group who also want to change their English game.

Because just being understood is not enough.

Don’t just take it from me -you can see what others have to say about Great in 8 in my aftermovie!
There are less than 10 spots left. Is one of them yours? Fill in your intake today and I’ll be in touch soon!


PS: This is a fantastic way to invest your training budget for 2019 or 2020! Let’s make 2020 the year of Great English!