BREAKING NEWS! You are the first to know. I just launched this 5 minutes ago!

Happy Monday!
I am so excited to share with you something I have been working hard on behind the scenes.
We just launched it 5 minutes ago after having a final check that all systems were indeed good to go.
And they were!
So you’re the first to know about…..(confetti cannon ready….?)

My Communicate With Confidence Masterclass!

It’s a Masterclass, but not as we know it.
Of course, I totally broke all the typical rules on this one.
This is not how we normally do a Masterclass.

What makes my Communicate With Confidence Masterclass different?

1. We start with a personal intake so I can find out more about you and where it hurts in English.
2. Then you do a pre-test to see where your starting point is in English.
3. Then you join me on a fun, fabulous, and highly effective learning journey of 2 hours, where it’s totally interactive and you can ask me questions at the end.
4. Then I send you not only the recording of the masterclass but a post-test to see how far you have come, plus workbooks to extend your knowledge even further.

I overdeliver to my clients every time.
And the results speak for themselves.

“For the first time I just picked up the phone and made that call in English. And you know what? It went really well.
Thanks, Buffi!”

“Learning from you just flies by – I have no idea where you get your energy from, but it keeps me so motivated! Now I have your voice in my head cheering me on when I have to speak English!” – Phil

“Not only did I participate so much more in my last meeting – I actually enjoyed it!” – Lisa 

“Buffi, I am now correcting my colleagues. They HATE me because my grammar is perfect! Thank you!” – Daan

We are going to work on:

*learning, understanding, and activating grammar
*improving and enhancing your vocabulary
*changing your mindset to that of a winner and finally ditching the doubt
*interacting in a small, supportive group with like-minded people who have the same learning goals

Is it a great idea to launch something new, innovative, and fabulous just a couple of days before Christmas?
Maybe not.
It is a great idea to share my knowledge, humor, compassion and expertise with people who need it, no matter what the calendar says?
Yes. Yes, it most certainly is.

I hope to welcome you, to join me on a learning journey.
If you want to level up during lockdown, this is your chance.

I’m not taking on any new clients for a while as my personal coaching schedule is full.
This is how we are entering the new year.
New year, new start?
Let’s go!

I hope to work with you in my Communicate With Confidence Masterclass!

Talk to you soon.

PS: I’m keeping this group small. I expect we will sell out. Grab your spot (and your early bird discount) before December 31, otherwise you might be disappointed.

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