Buffi Blog – February 2012

I wrote a new blog It’s a lyrical analysis of one of the best and most misunderstood songs – Springsteen’s Born in the USA. Hey, if Reagan didn’t get it…I guess none of us are smart enough 😉

This month and the next – I’m spending some lovely long days doing In-Company Business English courses for the superstars of Mojo Concerts. Working hard, and having fun. I live for that.

And I visited schools recently and I saw that teachers really love Rocking Their English! :)) It’s so much fun in the classroom, from high school through university level. If you don’t let your students laugh and dance and sing along in your lessons, there’s no way they are going to have fun learning. ( So Says Moi.) If you need help or have questions, mail me or check this website for more tips!

Oh, and I love this lobster. Just sayin’.

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