Happy New Year! (And yes, it’s not midnight on January first, but it’s never too late to wish people a happy new year. Ever. If you disagree with me, then your year must really be off to a crappy start.)

So. I am the worst updater of all time. I wear that badge with pride. I am too busy doing to update. I hate technology (and I’m afraid it’s likewise), and it takes me half an hour to figure out how to upload a picture on this thing and it’s always the wrong size, etc. Bear with me. If you want good, fast, quick updates (AND a Tip Du Jour on how to improve your English!) please follow me on Twitter. Or Rock Your English! on Facebook.

I wrote a blog recently. It’s my lyrical analysis of the popular song ‘The A Team’, written by Ed Sheeran. I had to write it during a 10 minute break at the Rockacademy. I wrote it because I had no time to write it and wanted to write it and I thought it’s a ‘now or never’ kind of deal so I went for the ‘now’. My students inspired me to share my shizzle with them, and this column is the result. It kind of exploded, and the reactions from all over the world have been overwhelming. Thank you. Here it is, for those who missed it.