From mid-March on I will be a guest blogger EHPO’s site, one of the best-read sites in the Dutch music scene. click here I’m very excited to have this unique opportunity to spread the Rock Your English! gospel on such a great (like excellent, but also VERY LARGE) platform…will post it here too as soon as it’s up and running… and hey, are you following me and getting your Tip du Jour, my daily little tweet on how to improve your English, on Twitter? click here to follow!

I’ve been all over the place – last week Deventer, Tilburg, Groningen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. Today Rotterdam, tomorrow Tilburg, Tuesday Leeuwarden. Big plans for Belgium, Norway in the near future, and Berlin, at the end of this month! The Rock Your English crew is taking the show on the road!

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Keep in touch! wit lof from buffi. (who played midget golf today with Pierre van Hooydonk.) x