Buffi Blog – March 2012

MARCH has been busy crazy happy and fun so far!
I blogged about Ben Folds and he thanked me! We’ve had more twitter contact since then, and he told me about a new song he’s working on. Ben Folds and I are not this close.
We’re thisclose.

I spent more time in Hasselt, Belgium, doing 2 Rock Your English! Master Classes. One was for English teachers all over Belgium using Rock Your English! in their lessons, the other one was for Music Management students who were learning from Luc Van Acker. He’s great, here’s one of his classics.
img_3023.pngI also got a new follower on twitter. That was lovely.

I was filmed by The Next Best Band about my English Tips and Tricks for Artists.

I had a photo shoot and a special project with Lucky Fonz III. I felt Lucky all day. As you can see. I’m feeling Lucky right there. Our day was magical, and just wait till you see what we did together! (Check this space. But not too often. I suck at updating, as you know.)
Oh crap. just realized that is another photo of me hugging an artist. Damn. Really have to stop doing that. (Yeah, right.)
I corrected 110 5-page grammar tests, reviewed 45 Artistic Plans and evaluated 7 demo albums. And who said working at 3 colleges was ever boring?

I saw Randy Newman  in concert.. He made me cry like a girl. Such an inspiring songwriter. Makes it look so damn easy. It’s not.

I did some work for someone and they paid me like this. Perfect timing. 2 (beauty) cases. Let’s break out the bubbles!
I’ve spent every other waking hour video editing, and you’ll know more about it soon. Let’s just say it’s going to be AWESOME and you will LAUGH and LEARN a lot. Because that’s why I’m here.
So, on that note, I leave you with the Italian who went to Malta. If you think your English sucks, click here and you won’t feel so bad in a few minutes…!

More coming up in April….Paris and Berlin!

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