Change 1 word and change the game

Ever feel nervous before giving a presentation?

Or get the jitters just before you walk into a job interview?

Or…before you go on a rollercoaster?

Or even ask the love of your life to marry you? ( I did this myself 26 years ago – we celebrate our 25-year anniversary this spring!)

Well, fun fact alert! 

Did you know that your body does not know the difference between being nervous and being excited? Physiologically, it’s the same thing.

Whether you’re going on a rollercoaster, asking the love of your life to marry you, going in for a job interview or assessment, just before you win an award….it’s all the same in your body. 

Some, or all of these things might start to happen: 

*your mouth gets dry

*you start shaking

*you stutter

*you perspire

*your knees get weak

*butterflies in your stomach…etc.

But guess what? If you TELL yourself that you are actually really excited and not nervous, your body will relax a bit more and think ‘Oh, yeah! Something totally cool is happening! YEAH for this!’ 

So the next time you think ‘OMG, I am so nervous about (Big Scary Thing)!’ Just say to yourself ‘OMG! I am so excited about (Big Scary Thing)! What a great opportunity – this is so exciting! YIPEEEE!’ 

Change 1 word and change your world!  

This can really make a difference in not just how you feel before you do it, but also how you prepare for the Big Scary Thing. It might just be more fun than you think!

Wishing you all the excitement in the world!

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