Clients or customers? Which one do you have? And why?

CUSTOMER OR CLIENT? Have you been saying this right?

I was talking to a client the other day (see what I did there?) about her work. She’s a consultant for a multinational and was talking about her customers.

The thing is…she didn’t have any!
It’s not that she was interacting with ghosts, or becoming delusional,  it’s because she had CLIENTS and not CUSTOMERS.

What’s the difference? It’s actually quite simple.

A CLIENT is someone who receives professional services or advice from you, and pays a fee.
A CUSTOMER is someone who buys something from you (often a product), and it’s usually a one-time purchase.

Some people have both clients AND customers.
I sure do!
Let me explain.

I have private clients who I personally coach (for months or even years!) on their communication skills. They pay a fee, and I provide a tailor-made service, providing advice, feedback, and hugs.

I also have customers who buy my books, cards, and courses online. They then go on their merry way, learning on their own, and (hopefully!) enjoying the process. (If they struggle, then they sometimes become clients!)

So, my dear…, which one do you have? Clients? Customers? Or maybe both?

I hope now you know the difference, and no matter who you help or how you help them, I hope you love what you do as much as I do! (If not, your clients will feel that too.)

Have a super week!

Buffi (pictured here with my fabulous client Sophie Hilbrand right after our Media Training session…)

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