Don’t let this happen to you (but I bet it has already)

A fabulous man called me recently and we met (cue violins). I had already heard about him (and so have many of you) so I was pretty excited to meet this successful, engaging, dynamic serial entrepreneur. He wanted to talk to me about his use of English (and not about my organic vegan green smoothie recipes…go figure!). So we did.

And guess what? He told me he was terrified. He told me that English got in the way of him really moving on into international waters. He told me that he could never find the right words and this (and more!) embarrassed him.

And you know what? He’s not the only one. I bet you’ve also hesitated before pressing ‘send’ on an English email. And maybe you get nervous before giving an English presentation? And have you ever struggled to find the right word during an English meeting? Ok. You can stop nodding now.


So, in my never-ending quest to bring Awesome English (just add water and stir!) into your life, I got inspired to give you….

….wait for it…
….almost there….
a FREE GIFT!! My free 5-Day Business English Challenge starts November 30th. I designed it to help you get rid of your fear of getting professional in English. I am giving it away for free because A:  life is short and B: I don’t know why you have to wait until December to spread that lovin’ feeling and C: I am truly a kind-hearted soul (choose one or all of the above).
Every day for 5 days, starting November 30th, you’ll get a podcast and a nifty worksheet that deals with one aspect of English that probably gets in your way. It will help you identify the most common mistakes and help you get rid of them.

After this free challenge, you’ll be able to:

*write more professional emails
*structure and deliver a better presentation
*know how to express yourself more politely
*learn handy words and phrases for professional situations…

…and more!

Click here to register.
I cannot wait to raise the bar on your professional English!
Sending you love and free gifts (but you already knew that)
XOXO buffi

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