Election Stress

I’ve got it. 
And it’s contagious.
I caught it from someone else.

It’s Election Stress.
The newest disease which hit millions recently.

I guess it’s better than erection stress, but still.
I find it hard to sleep – I keep waking up at 2 am (still on the debate schedule, it seems). I had a dream recently that Trump moved in to my house. After a skirmish (which I won, as he is not only unfit for office, but unfit physically), I managed to lock him in the bathroom. However, my kids had to pee and I made them PEE IN THE BACKYARD in my dream. That’s the level I’ve been operating on lately. I’m a mom who makes her kids pee in the dark outside because of the Don.

Pray for me.
Pray for us all.

I’ve been in the media a bit recently. You can read all about my take on confidence and culture (and of course, politics) in de Telegraaf here. And I was on Omroep Brabant TV to talk about my new disease. I should be on DWDD on Tuesday talking about it too, then I’m whisked off/up to Groningen to do a workshop about American English towards midnight at the Groninger Forum  I’ll be up all night watching the results live, and participating in a cheerleader workshop to stay awake.

I realise that all this talking about politics has given me even  more stress. Today I saw families out shopping, having coffee, just chatting like there was nothing on the hand. Or afoot. ;).
I so want to go back to that – to know that my country has done the right thing. Watching all these polls all the time does not help, nor does being constantly in touch with my friends and family who give me updates every hour. (Most of them are contradictory.)

I’m also the only person in my family who is voting for Hillary.
Sometimes I feel very alone because of this.
I love my family, but I don’t always understand them.
But my love of love is greater than my hate of hate.
Love conquers all, right?

Anyway, no matter what, I’m still going to shine.
Once I get a good night’s sleep…..

Fingers crossed (but still giving you a high five!),
XOXOX buffi

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