Everyone forgets this part


Here’s something you might not have seen before.
It’s the world-famous Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC.
My friend David walked by yesterday and sent this to me.

It got me thinking.

So many people know and love that tree.
The lighting ceremony is broadcast live to hundreds of millions of viewers every year.
The tree has 50,000 lights.
The star at the top has 70 spikes and 3 million small crystals with LED lights.
125 million people visit the tree annually.

But people tend to forget how much work is put into making that happen.

It takes a long time, and a lot of work to get that sparkly.

Trucks, barges, and a transport plane have all been used to help the tree make the trip from upstate NY to Manhattan. Teams of people spend weeks designing, arranging, rearranging, testing, tweaking, and trying.

I feel like I’m in that stage now with my development of Communication Nation.
When you see it, it will be sparkly and gorgeous.
(And educational, and fun.)
But until then, it’s been a hard 3 years. Writing, testing, designing, tweaking, and trying.

My brilliant and passionate team has put up the scaffolding, and together we are making it happen, with joy, exhaustion, and excitement.

Remember this photo the next time you see something awesome.
Remember how much work it took to get there.

Bit by bit.
Branch by branch.
Light by light.
Lesson by lesson.

And remember how it’s all worth it because of the joy it will bring to others.

Love, Buffi

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