Excuse me, do you speak British?

Oh, I don’t know where to start. This week and the last have been an absolute blur. This is what I remember…

I guess it had something to do with…COVFEFE…?

Last week, all was well. I was working in Berlin, hanging with my friends, eating fabulous avocado toast at Cafe Oliv while wearing my new favorite ‘I LOVE YES’ button, and then. It happened. I woke up to the news of THE TWEET . I can’t say that I was surprised, as this Presidency seems to be the shitstorm that keeps on shitting. However, It did spark a lot of discussion on new words, spelling, and English communication – which I love love love!

And then we had the withdrawal from Paris. Merde.  And before you knew it, we had the English dis/ speech by Macron . Ooh la lah! I give him so much credit for doing this, and for doing it in English. His vocabulary is actually at a higher level than 45’s.

Then James and the Giant Impeach stopped by. Fun fact: He’s 6 foot 8. Which is HUGE for an American, and just a tiny bit on the tall side for a Dutch guy. 😉

And so did Miss May(be not). Oh, I can hardly keep up! The awkward high-five kind of summed it all up.

So, the next time someone asks me to help them with their British accent, I will ask them which one they mean, as I don’t know where to start anymore. But the handy picture below might help you understand the British a bit better.

Sending you clarity and optimism (and a huge slice of that avocado toast – it’s really the best ever!).

With love,
Buffi (Who Is Looking For Answers And Finding Not Enough)

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