My First E-Book!

Hello, darling! How was your summer? I hope it was as good as mine. I ate my way, Pacman style, through Italy (my blood type is now Chianti), came back and went to the Lowlands festival with my family (and I had a very emotional moment when I realized that I stood there one year before teaching 10,000 people English!), and hit the ground running with coaching, writing, and teaching. So happy to be back and I’m definitely ready to rock! was my BIRTHDAY! I turned 49 on August 28th. (On the outside. I’m 27 on the inside!) I’m so blessed that I didn’t want any presents. Instead I have something for you! And that’s a first peek at my very first e-book! It’s coming out soon but I had to share the first glance with you.

It’s an 83-page ride with mini-lessons, exercises, inspiring quotes, idioms and expressions, tons of helpful business phrases, and so much more. I wanted to make something that was paper-free, and this is a HUGE step for me. I had the need to make you something quick, fun, and challenging to keep you ACTIVE in English. That’s why it’s called….WORK IT! (With the charming subtitle ‘Use It Or Lose It, Honey!”)

It will be available in my webshop soon, and it will cost 10 euros. Which means that you can either buy 2 Soy Matcha Lattes or keep your English fresh forever. You choose. 🙂

I’ve been in the media recently, and here are the links in case you missed it:

* I was honored to be featured in NRC Next, together with my client Merijn, the founder of Dopper, talking about the value of English coaching.

*It was a joy to be profiled in Intermediair, along with my client Diana Matroos, where we discussed becoming professional in English and how it can help your career.

*I was on “Hollandse Zaken” talking about Trump. It was quite a challenge to stay calm, and I’m proud I didn’t swear. In the last few minutes, at 38.30, I plead for more love in the world! #hartje

Thank you so much for reading, as always!

Enjoy today, it will never come back again!

XXX Buffi

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