Happy new……decade!

Hello my darling!
Happy new….decade!
How’s yours going so far?
Well, I’m back and chock full of good news!
This is what has happened so far since I last mailed you:

  • I went to Berlin for 5 days
  • I moved house*The movie ‘April, May en June’ that I worked on as Linda de Mol’s English coach went gold
  • I’ve done lot of intakes for Great in 8 and we only have 5 tickets left – let me know if you’d like to work with me for 8 weeks starting in March! (You can grab your intake here.)
  • I can finally announce that my client Jeangu Macrooy is the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest – I am so proud of him and excited for the world to see his talent! (See our picture below to see how we suffer together making amazing songs…)
  • And tonight, Monday night, I’ll be on Shownieuws talking about my career and my fabulous clients!

So, that’s what’s been happening in Buffiland.What have you been up to?
Let me know!

It’s great to be back in your inbox again.
I’m so excited to help you feel great about yourself and your English in 2020!

And…speaking of that….if you were to learn one thing from me in English, what would it be for this year? Something about grammar? Vocabulary? Pronunciation? Presentation tips? Anything else?

I’m working on something special behind the scenes and looking for new and exciting ways to motivate you in English. What is one tip or trick you’d like to learn from me this year? So curious! Please let me know. Thanks so much!

Sending you the biggest hug of the decade!
XXX Buffi


Buffi en Jeangu
#teamJeangu #proudcoach

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