Happy New English!


How the heck are you? Have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you? Are you well-rested and ready to ROCK this fabulous new year? I sure am!

It’s been a pretty intense few weeks. I worked really hard, did a fun TV show (De Avond Van Taal, you can check it here, my shizzle starts at 13.55…), had my third surgery since August, found out that I didn’t have cancer, cried and laughed a lot, recovered slowly but very steadily, felt so much love and support from the people around me, and worked very diligently  in my gratitude planner. It’s been quite a ride, to say the least, and I’m so thrilled I’ve come out on the other side stronger, and (yes, even) happier! YEAH!

I’ve heard from so many people that they FINALLY want to do something about their English this year. Many don’t know how to take the first (or second) step. What’s best? Personal coaching? An online course? Buying a book? Joining a group?

I totally get that. And I’m committed now, even more than ever, to helping you make 2018 the year of Great English!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to write an email that you know is correct? To walk into a meeting full of confidence, because you have some professional phrases prepared and ready to go? To answer those international calls first and not hand the phone to your colleague?

Yes, it would be.
So let’s start.

I want to start off the year by giving you a free gift to help you take that very important step. It’s the first module of my Business English Communication Course! You get the video masterclass and the worksheet for free, at no obligation whatsoever.

You can download it here, and you can use if for one month after downloading it.

I hope this year is full of magic for you!
It’s going to be a very special year indeed!

With love and a huge ‘My English Rocks!’ high five,

X buffi

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