HELLO, 53! Or wait…maybe not?

Or not?
This is really weird.
I’m writing you this from Brooklyn, where I am still 52.
But many of you will be reading this in another time zone, where I’m already 53.

Every year I write down what I’m grateful for. I could write down 53 things (I could write down 5330 things)!, but I will keep this short. I’m going to do 5 + 3, which is 8. 8 is actually my lucky number. How could it not be when I was born on 8/28/68?


  1. I get to live my life as me. I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. I can truly be myself without shame or comparison. I let that shit go years ago, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
  2. I get to share my life with the kindest people who totally get me. We are safe. We know where our families are. We wake up indoors every day. I so wish that for millions all around the world.
  3. I can share my (com)passion and expertise (and humor, sorry, not sorry) with people who are talented, motivated, vulnerable, ambitious, and fabulous. No two days are the same and no two clients are the same.
  4. I can hug friends again. Still makes my eyes sweaty sometimes. God, I’ve really missed that. This amazing picture was taken by my darling Daphne (and photographer extraordinaire!), my best friend from college. We’ve been friends for 35 years. She was travelling with me through Europe in 1990, when we met that hot Dutch guy in Barcelona. I’m so glad she didn’t make out with him first. I have hugged her a lot here in Brooklyn. I love my friends so much.
  5. Cheesecake. Flat white with oat milk. Peanut butter and chocolate. Food truck tacos. All maybe in the same hour.
  6. I can run again. I can’t go as fast as others, I can’t go as far as others, but I can go at the distance and pace that feels right for me. Baby steps are still steps. #TeamBabySteps.
  7. I jumped and you caught me. It was probably not the best idea to launch my new Rock That Mouth  pronunciation course while I was in Brooklyn, but we launched yesterday/today, and the response has been so overwhelming! Thank you all for your trust and for joining me on a learning journey. (You can still join the program, but doors close on September 6 until next year. Check www.rockthatmouth.com to find out more.)
  8. For you. For reading this. For interacting with me on social media. For buying my programs and books. For stopping me on the street to say hi. For laughing and learning with me. For sending pictures of you reading my books on the toilet 😅. For taking my cards with you on vacation. For learning with me on a boat. For tagging me on social media when you see something funny or interesting in English. For the true connection I feel with so many of you.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Happy birthday to me.
And happy everything for you.

With so much love,
Brooklyn Birthday Buffi 💕

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